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Welcome to my little blog and link collection site!
I'm Ran - logistics manager, lv 30, perfectionist, creative, gamer, anime fan,
loves cats and her car, taken

Unexpected surgery & mail issues

Hello everyone!
How you been? Not much has happened in the past months. My kitty is doing better and better and I have been to an anime convention in August. I didn't wear a cosplay though. I recently unexpectidly had to undergo sugery on my rectum. Nothing serious but very painful. I can only advise you to take staying hydraded seriously. I think this could have avoided my issues to some degree. I'm also very careful with my diet now.
I really need to get back to working on my websites. I already received a warning because of inactivity from the fanlisting directory where my sceptile fanlisting is listed. Before the sugery I was already working on an update for my graphic site but due to the sugery and recovery process I didn't manage to finish it yet. I also didn't really get to finish some things for the blog either. Something I just discovered is that some of the mails that I sent from my windows 11 mail client instead of my mail providers client this year were not going out. I'll use the client from my mail provider for now until I figure out what's the problem with windows. Please don't hesitate to send me another mail if you are still waiting for a reply on something!

Have a great weekend everyone!

posted on Saturday, 30th September 2023 - comment?

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