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Been a while

Hello everyone!
It's been a while since I posted here. There is so much to talk about that I don't know where to start. First of all I'm over my depressive phase. Many people are still talking about leaving at work but I try not to think about it too much. We also have a new colleague and another colleague agreed to work more hours, so things somehow work out at the moment. My grandma is also doing well again and can do most of the things she used to do before her accident. The only one who had me worried during the past weeks was my cat. One day we noticed that he is limping. We had to take him to 5 vets until someone finally figured out why. The first vets we visited thought he might have been bitten by another cat / animal outsite although they couldn't find any bitemarks on him. They prescribed him antibiotics and pain meds but after weeks of treatment he was still limping... Then one of the vets finally had the idea to do an x-ray of his leg. They noticed that something is wrong with his knee and sent us to a specialist. The specialist told us that he has osteoarthritis and an inflammation in his knee. Now he is not allowed to move as much and has to stay indoors for 2 weeks. One and a half week already passed by and it seems to finally get better. Next wednesdey I have to call the vet again and report how he is doing. If it didn't get better they would have to take a sample of his bones because the vet also assumed it could be bone cancer. Luckily it won't be necessary. My cat is also adapting a lot better to the indoor life than I thought he would. He even seems to enjoy it. In the beginning of the year we had a lot of snow so we couldn't let him go outsite as well because the snow was taller than him. During that time he was a lot more unhappy about being inside. But it's possible that the pain meds he still has to take are knocking him out a little at the moment.
To treat myself a little during my depressive phase I bought a lot of stuff in the past months. From animes figures and Japanese sweets to decorations, a new shelf, a new phone, a ringlight (for taking photos) and room organization items. I especially took joy in organizing my room in the past weeks. A tidy space definitly helps to tidy and calm the mind. Here are pictures of some of the stuff I bought:

I looove the Yukinoshita figure, she is so cute! The pictures of the figures will also be added to the gallery. Most of the things were not too expensive, just the phone and the owl lamp. ^▿^'
I can also say that I'm fully vaccinated now. I received my first shot on the 20th of July and my second shot on the 12th of August (Pfizer-BioNTech). After the first shot I had a burning sensation and pain in my arm which lasted for about a day. After the second shot I had the same side effects at first, they just started later (2 days after the shot). But (what I didn't mention on my twitter yet) on the 3rd and 4th day I started to feel tired and sick with diarrhea. My doctor said that diarrhea is kinda rare as a side effect and was not sure if it really came from the vaccination. But I'm sure that's what caused it. By the 5th day my arm also started to get numb and after working for hours even my fingers turned numb. I had to call in sick for a few days at work but the next week everything was fine again. I'm glad that I'm finally done with the vaccination thing and hope I don't have to get another shot anytime soon. My parents are thinking about going on vacation by the end of October. Now that I'm fully vaccinated I might join them. I didn't see the ocean since about 2018 I think. It would be a good opportunity to take some photos for my graphic page again. But I'm not sure if I will really join them or not. My boyfriend still didn't get an appointment for his vaccination yet and somehow it would be sad to not spend my weeks off with him. I'm also not sure if we can leave my gramda alone for 2 weeks. She said it's no problem but I'm unsure though. There is a lot of stuff I would have to get done before the vacation too.
A while ago I mentioned that I'm working on another website project for someone. I can finally say that I found out how to code mobile layouts! This week I also learned how to create centered divs. With these accomplishments I can take the project to the next level. My graphic page ARW also has a centered div as new layout now. I don't think I will create mobile versions for my own websites anytime soon though. I would need to optimize some other things on my sites first and re-do a lot of the coding and I don't want to spend my time on that at the moment. I also don't really mind to not have mobile versions for my own sites.
I think that's all I had to say for today. The post is already way to long. What I still would like to mention is that I made some new buttons for this blog and re-did some of the texts on the site a while ago. I need to add some new sites to the link collection soon too. I have no new sites to display on the header at the moment. I might edit this post when I decided for some sites that I would like to add.

For now I wish you all a great week and take care!

posted on Sunday, 6th September 2021 - comment?

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