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Welcome to my little blog and link collection site!
I'm Ran - logistics manager in her late 20s, perfectionist, creative, gamer, anime fan,
loves cats and her car, taken

A hectic month

Hello everyone!
My blog finally has a new layout! I have been a little lazy with new layouts for this site but I have to say I liked the old one a lot. I recently started to watch the anime Blue Period which is about art and creativity and it motivated me to get creative myself. I also gifted myself a new PC monitor for christmas which has me hyped to do stuff on my computer. I got the Xiao Mi 34" curved monitor. It can be tilted in all directions and you can adjust the height. The blue light filtre is also a big plus as well. Definitly check it out if you are looking for a new (not to expensive) monitor as well. I had a 22" flat screen monitor before which was a little too small for coding and graphic designing in my opinion.
This time the layout is a centered div. I figured out how to code a centered div when I coded the recent layout of my graphic site. I also took inspiration for this layout here from my own layout there. I think the circles that repeat parts of the header make it a lot more interesting. What I especially like about this layout is that the colors match the eye colors of the girl on the header. The butterflies are kinda random. I was searching for "blue" and "anime" on PNG Wing and the butterflies randomly came up besides the PNG of that girl and that bottle. I like the contrast somehow. The affiliates are linked on butterflies now too.
This month has been very stressful. I feel like somehow I was missing the time of the two weeks that we spent on vacation. I didn't find much time to organize christmas presents because things were worse than ever at work. Another colleague has quit. Because of her contract she would have had to stay a few more weeks, but right after she handed in her resignation she caught the Covid virus and her co-worker in her part of the office caught it as well so we were suddenly missing two people. We then worked about 12-14 hours a day, which totally wore us down. Last week her co-worker was finally feeling better and able to at least work from home, so things finally got a little better. Now I have a few days off between christmas and new year. Hopefully I can find some time to unwind now.

Have a nice evening everyone!

posted on Monday, 27th December 2021 - comment?

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